Our Services

Cold Case Reinvestigation

With decades of experience in investigating into many variable types of crime, our highly respected Investigative Team at Cold Case Consultants of American, LLC will review your case with confidence. With the resources and contacts available to us, we strive to not only put a new set of eyes on every case put before us, but also assist in uncovering the answers you’ve been seeking. With state of the art forensic testing now available, we can focus strictly on the facts. Our Investigative Team may not be able to alter the past, but we always hope to offer a fresh start so that you may finally begin to move forward.

Prolific Case Investigation

At Cold Case Consultants of America, LLC, we understand that every cold case is unique, including even those that are considered “prolific.” C.C.C.O.A.’s Investigative Team will see that each individual case receives the attention to detail it deserves, beyond the light of the media. Our investigators’ wide expertise covers multiple types of crime—from stolen property to homicide—yet, we treat each case with the same focused attention and respect. Ultimately, the most important part of any C.C.C.O.A. investigation is what’s most important to you: finding the TRUTH. As with all of the cases we handle, we understand that there can be no stone left unturned.

Wrongful Conviction Investigation

A wrongful conviction is perhaps our most agonizing work. Having distinguished retired detectives as case consultants on our Investigative Team, it can be difficult to admit that members of law enforcement may have made a mistake. However, that same heartache gives us an advantage over many private investigation firms because our retired detectives have seen first-hand that there are sometimes members of law enforcement that get it wrong.

Working a wrongful conviction case is defiantly a labor of love for C.C.C.O.A. because we acknowledge and understand that being driven to find the truth can not only set an innocent individual free while clearing their name, but it can also change the outcome of a verdict that may have given a family a false peace of mind.