About Us

Cold Case Consultants of America (C.C.C.O.A.) was founded in 2021 to assist law enforcement as well as families of victims.

The Company was conceived in the belief that a “cold case” is never truly cold. If an unsolved homicide case becomes filed away under this terminology, it is due to a lack of strong evidence, unproductive leads, limited manpower, or that the agency itself did not receive the annual appropriated funding needed to focus on these particular type of cases. 

C.C.C.O.A mitigates these issues with its service and its Investigative Team has shown the ability to uncover new evidence within these particular types of cases. New findings will be released to the public in the coming months.

The Company focuses on the facts and forensic evidence necessary to bring the truth to light and justice for the victims of the perpetrators.

This team is on the course of impacting the U.S. law enforcement system so that these crimes are mitigated in the future.


Alex Baber
Director / Lead Consultant

Alex Baber is the Founder and Director of Cold Case Consultants of America, LLC, and a former PSO, Protective Services Officer.

During the 1960’s and prior to Alex’s birth, Director Baber’s own uncle was tried and convicted of multiple murders. As a never ending reminder that evil does exist even close to home, he grew up with a keen sense of good guys vs bad guys. As a child, his mother would often purchase vintage detective magazines such as True Detective, True Crime, True Police Cases and Master Detective, which he was often found leafing through before he could even read. 

His fascination with heroes developed at an early age—from legendary lawman Wyatt Earp to Batman’s origin in Detective Comics—establishing his core fundamentals and belief that the good guys are meant to win. This firm foundation coupled with his 161 IQ, has led him on a journey over the past 20 years to hunt down the bad guys and bring answers, truth and justice to victims and their families.

As Alex aged, he would be diagnosed  as an Empath with an atypical way of learning, socializing, and a sharpened ability to focus—which was identified by psychologists and labeled as “perceptionism”. Today, the nearest diagnosis of this variation in the human brain is known as a form of Neurodiversity. 

These gifts have been both a blessing and a curse throughout his life. While he retreated from the world to a large extent, he also developed an uncanny ability to piece together evidence that so may others in law enforcement have missed. Top investigators have yet been able to refute any of his findings across multiple cases, spanning decades, thus labeling him with the nickname “Sherlock”.

With approximately 1% of cold cases ever solved, Alex is on a mission to revamp the current justice system and its existing procedures. He also has developed a plan that will assist affected families of victims through a fund established with proceeds from all of C.C.C.O.A.’s ventures.

J-Lynn Baber
Assistant Director/ Forensic Researcher

J-Lynn Baber is the Co-Founder and Assistant Director of Cold Case Consultants of America, LLC. She is a highly skilled forensic researcher and criminal profiler with a passion for modern cyber forensic tactics. She holds degrees in Emergency Medical Science and Criminal Justice, and is currently working towards obtaining her PsyD in Forensic Psychology. 

She previously served as a Military Police Officer while stationed at Andrews AFB. She was actively involved and assigned to multiple Presidential and Diplomatic Security Details before transferring to the U.S. Army, working with their Psychological Operations/Military Information Support Group (PSYOPS/MISG). After her honorable discharge, J-Lynn continued to expand her skill sets by becoming a licensed EMT.

J-Lynn is on a mission to help victims of violent crimes. At the age of 18, J-Lynn herself was abducted, and her assailants were never found, charged or convicted. This experience led her to find her passion in forensic psychology and criminal justice, so that more perpetrators of violent crimes can be found and convicted, bringing closure to both victims and their families.

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