Co-founded by husband-wife team Alex Baber and J-Lynn Baber, C.C.C.O.A. was conceived in the belief that every victim deserves answers, and a “cold case” is never truly cold. 

Cold Case Consultants of America - C.C.C.O.A.

“Imagine meeting a real modern-day Sherlock Holmes and Watson. I've reviewed first-hand exactly what C.C.C.O.A. is unveiling in some of America’s most mysterious cold cases."

- Curtis Baggett, Nation's leading forensic document examiner and handwriting analysis expert

This investigative duo has assembled a profound team of veteran investigators and forensic experts who are committed to breaking-down and re-evaluating cold cases in search of new evidence.

Follow along for details on the newly re-opened and active investigation into the infamous Circleville Letters case.

Cold Case Consultants of America’s Forensic Linguistics Correspondence Database (FLCD)

C.C.C.O.A. created a proprietary Forensic Linguistics Correspondence Database (FLCD)—the largest known forensic database of letters written by anonymous unidentified serial killers and murderers, dating back to 1944. The collection now features over 1,000 plus letters, which have been scanned, digitized, and cross-checked for authentic linguistic patterns in context, syntax, semantics, phonetics, and morphology for the purpose of identifying the letter’s true origin.

The FLCD has identified unique linguistic connections within previously uncompared letters. As the database expanded, precise points were identified through algorithms that directed investigators to look closer at particular cases, resulting in the discovery of new evidence previously overlooked in a number of unsolved homicides.

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Cold Case Consultants of America has assembled a unparalleled investigative team adept at uncovering new evidence, establishing connections, and creating a detailed timeline of events that can ultimately result in the identification of the perpetrator(s).


C.C.C.O.A. focuses on the facts and forensic evidence necessary to bring the truth to light and justice for the victims of various crimes.


Leading investigators and forensics experts are to assist with unsolved cold cases in the hope of providing long-awaited answers for their families.


C.C.C.O.A.'s team is dedicated to expanding national awareness on cold cases while aiding the U.S. law enforcement system with the discovery of new leads or evidence in existing unsolved cases.

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“The truth is—there is never closure, but there are answers.”

- Alex Baber, C.C.C.O.A. Director